Aspect Contact Centre Benchmarking Assessment


to  your peers, industry best-in-class and other Aspect customers.

Take this 15-minute survey, and receive a free, personalised report from our Performance Improvement Team revealing how you compare, and insights towards improvement in your overall engagement strategy and customer experience.


The Aspect Contact Centre Benchmarking Self-Assessment Survey will allow you to compare your current contact centre capabilities and business processes with call centre industry best-in-class, your peers, and other Aspect customers.


After you and your team complete this 15-minute survey, our Performance Improvement Team will provide you with a free, personalised report that shows how you compare, and share insights to guide you to the areas of improvement in your overall engagement strategy and customer experience.

Benchmark Insights: What are we finding?

Survey Question:

Do you measure if your agents feel a sense of purpose and connection to your organisation, and are passionate about your brand?

Survey Question:

Do you have the ability to meet or exceed the defined/expected customer expectations?

You will walk away with:

  • An overview of the methodology used to compile your personalised report
  • Side-by-side comparison of your data against your industry, contact centre size and business function
  • Insights incorporating the latest trends for each of the five focus areas
  • Complimentary interactive readout session with our Performance Improvement team to discuss findings and recommendations on how to improve your current engagement strategy and customer experience



All participants will be included in our ANNUAL REPORT in May 2017

Contact Centre Business Function Representation

Your customised report will include contact centre primary function & agent size comparisons.**
Customer Service
Internal Operations

*Includes both inbound and outbound sales

**Multiple selections allowed

Industry Representation

Your customised report will include a peer-to-peer view of how you stack up against your industry.
Healthcare Payor & Provider
Financial Services
BPO/Service Provider
Business Services B2B
Consumer Packaged Goods
Energy & Utilities


Technology Soft/Hardware
Telecom & Internet Services

Five Areas of Focus

This benchmarking survey will walk you through a series of questions that will allow us to benchmark your people, processes and technology investment across the strategic areas critical to enabling a modern customer engagement centre. (Click or hover over each box for more information.)
Agent Engagement

Agent engagement and passion is increasingly important and our research shows the majority are working toward these objectives. Since creating a positive customer experience has many intangible elements, giving agents the tools and information they need and trusting agents to make the right decisions will be increasingly critical.

Agent Roles & Responsibilities

With transactional interactions moving to self-service, leaving more complex and consultative interactions for the agent it’s becoming more critical for organisations to include more consultative agent skill-sets. Hiring agents that can engage in more consultative customer conversations will be increasingly more relevant in a world that is less transactional.

Workforce Management

Workforce management is the nucleus of the call centre, providing valuable insights on forecasting, scheduling, over- and understaffing situations, and new hires/onboarding. Leaders experience 64% greater customer retention rate. (Aberdeen: How to Balance Customer Needs with Agent Productivity)

Interaction Management

Consumers are demanding a seamless experience between channels, one that is personalised, and one that fits in with their life. Multi-channel is no longer the differentiator, customer experience is differentiated by offering the right channel at the time of engagement connecting questions to answers.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is dispersed across the organization, with only 32% residing in customer service/contact centre. Best-in-class companies have an executive-level champion to support strategic alignment, consistency, and clear objectives across functions and voice and digital channels.

We can answer any questions you have regarding the benchmark and how your or your organization can leverage the process and deliverables to help drive your customer engagement strategy.
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