How Modern Is Your IVR?

How Modern Is Your IVR?

How Modern Is Your IVR?
How Modern Is Your IVR?

Your IVR Is Frustrating Your Customers and Costing You Business

Here's What You Can Do About It.

The Painful Truth about Legacy IVRs

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems provide a solid foundation for customer self-service. The bad news is, most consumers don’t like them. Long, irrelevant menus have callers “zeroing out” to reach an agent, or even worse, hanging up. 

Self-Service in the Modern World

To meet the needs of tech-savvy, mobile consumers, self-service needs to offer far more than “press or say 1” call routing.  A modern IVR solution serves customers wherever they are – whether it’s a traditional voice call, chatting with a bot or agent through Facebook Messenger,  or Amazon Echo, to name just a few examples.
Research conducted by Aspect uncovered the key features that are the fundamental to great customer service. 

Watch this video to see how these features relate to the IVR experience. 


How Modern Is Your IVR?

Does your current IVR system have the modern capabilities to meet the demands of today’s customers? Take this seven-question quiz to find out!

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